Yes, most rings are able to be sized. There are limits to how much a ring can be up-sized or downsized and it depends on the individual ring. There is an additional cost to having a ring sized.
All of our jewelry is either new or pre-loved that has been inspected, cleaned and polished for sale. The details of the listing will say if the piece of jewelry is new or pre-loved (used).
Yes. We only offer natural Diamonds and each piece is tested for Lab Grown Diamonds. If a piece of jewelry does not contain any Diamonds it will be reflected in the title of the listing as well as the description as to what the stones are. Most common Diamond substitutes are Cubic Zirconia and Moissanite.
Ring sizing will only be offered for local pickup. Sizing normally takes between 3 to 5 days, but can be done quicker with our Express option. The cost for sizing a ring is based on the material of the ring and how much it has to be sized up or sized down.